In Songshan gym, we import equipment for strength-training and gymnastics. In order to make training more comprehensive and efficient, we enhance basic abilities of body with strength training, including push, pull, jump, balance etc.; And promote techniques about handstand, flips, twists with gymnastics equipment by the coach. Equipments of strength-training are inclusive of multifunctional squat rack, post landmine, barbell, dumbbells, kettle bells etc. for free weight. We adopt Gymnova (Olympics designated brand) and Tumbl Trak (the biggest supplier of gymnastics assistant equipments in the USA) as training equipments. It makes more safe and comfortable.


Gymnastics for adults (Specialized class)

Gymnastics is not too difficult to reach. Kidpower could make your dream come true. With the professional instruction, you could practice the figures like handstand, splits, flips, cross of rings and Thomas pommel safely and systematically. We set up various specialized class for different demands you could choose at will. (Beginners start from the specialized classes of handstand or cartwheel in suggest)

Gymnastics for kids

It enhances kids’ abilities about flipping, rolling, climbing and jumping with basic gymnastics figures. It would build good basis of exercise to members in the future. We train the power, balance and coordination of kids with professional equipment like high bar, balance beam and trampoline.

Individual instruction

Individual instruction includes one on one or one on two. We could design the customized schedule especially based on the demand of members with the arrangement of periodical training, strengthening muscle, promoting techniques, recovering by exercise massage.

Space rental

  • Open gym is allowed for members only (adults). Please call us before the renting to protect your rights.
  • Non-members can call Luzhou gym for rental.
  • Fee for members:100 NTD/hr (per person)
  • It would cost fee for 1 hour if over than 10 minutes.
  • Space rental cannot be made while class is proceeding.
  • Please call us to the reservation of renting whole gym in advance. (For additional charges).

Opening time

Mon. :Official holiday

Tue.  :10:00-22:00


Thu. :10:00-22:00

Fri.   :10:00-22:00

Sat.  :10:00-18:00

Sun. :10:00-18:00

Equipment rental

Please call us before renting.

童力體操 | Kid Power Gymnastics


童力體操 | Kid Power Gymnastics


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